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Info About & Dogry Store is an online platform that is designed and managed by the community which is considered to be the world leader in connecting game brands with passionate gamers.

The company provides credit points for playing games and performing quests of games on their platform or on their partner's platform.

This point can be redeemed for skins full versions of exquisite games and other additions which are available in the online store. The reward that is given away to the players acts as an incentive for them to play even more and carry out their conquest using the platform.

Spanning over 33 countries across the globe, the company has over 15 million active players on the beautifully designed platform which gives them the opportunity to do so.

The total value of prizes that have been distributed so far totals up to massive 4.5 million dollars.

The company has also gained immense importance from people across the globe since it has over 50 million page views every month. The platform is unique in a way and one of which kind in the entire world since they themselves are very passionate and look forward to revolutionizing changes in the gaming industry.

The company offers a select gaming experience that includes the most renowned games of:

  • War Thunder 
  • League of legends 
  • Counterstrike
  • Good game empire

The reward that it offers for the gaming industry includes 

  • Steam products, 
  • League of legends
  • Full versions of games

The Marketing Models are very well defined and it will help sellers to reach to larger audience. The organization also follows a customized approach in this field as the expert team gets together to create promotional campaigns for specific products and target communication takes place to the prospective customers.