New Zealand based tourism agency JUCY helps travelers by providing Motorhome, campervan, and car for traveling on the rental basis. It has its operating bases at Auckland, Queenstown, and Christchurch.

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Info About & Jucy Service

Jucy Rentals is a New Zeland based transport solution provided with the main focus on car rentals. The company offers its services internationally as well in countries like Australia and the USA. The company also provides Camping solutions to its customers in the form of a variety of campervans. Jucy Rentals also provides wifi in all of their vehicles for a nominal cost.

Special Services:  The company provides shared and suite rooms in select cities within New Zeland through their Just Snooze program. This program provides customers with benefits such as free wifi, guest lounge area, secure parking, laundry service, 24-hour reception, and an on-site coffee shop among others during their stay. The Snooze programs provide the customer with a break on long trips; they provide them with a place to relax and enjoy. And all this at affordable pricing.

Cruise services: Jucy rentals also provide their customers with cruise ship packages through their Jucy Cruise offerings. The company provides 3-4 day packages at an affordable cost to its customers. The trip takes the users through some of the most scenic locations throughout New Zeland.  The Cruise ship offerings come In two tiers classic and premium. Premium being the more expensive one.

Relocation deals: The company provides its customers with amazing relocation deals. When customers are relocating from one town to another, they can book a one-way rental and deposit the vehicle whenever they arrive. The daily rate starts as low as $1 and includes added benefits like unlimited mileage and roadside assistance.

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