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Info About & QVC Store

QVC is a free-to-air television network owned by the Qurate Retail Group and founded by Joseph Segel in 1986, is an American flagship Shopping Channel which broadcasts in seven countries, including UK, Japan, Germany, China, Italy, France, and the USA. QVC is one of the best shopping entertainment communities that cater to the world of new inspiring products and services. We offer engaging and effective shopping experience, with a collection of different products ranging from Kid's fashion to men and women's fashion to home décor to watches, jewelry, beauty products, and other branded accessories.

How does the channel work?

Get Login-in 

Firstly, select the desired items from the shopping cart. Log in to the page with your respective id and password and create your account. 

Enter address

Provide the site with a proper permanent working/billing address for the current and future shipments, so as it becomes easy to contact and deliver goods and products at the exact place with the specific time. 

Select the payment method

Select the product and choose payment method -Bank Transfers, Credit Cards, Voucher, or Gift cards.

Check & Order 

Have a glance at the full shipment order and information submitted for the consignment, place your order and make the payment. Later, get the confirmation of the order via emails, messages, and app notification. 

Track and delivery

With “my QVC” you can keep a record of the current consignment and track the delivery progress for the same. Immediate items will be delivered in 2-4 working days, but bulky products international orders may take to 15-20 working days.

Special Features

Wish list

Interesting feature like “Wish list” that lets the customer to keep track of the interesting product, even before they buy them. 

Item on-air 

This feature helps to view and read the description of the ongoing trending item in the market on the site and app. 

Special Value Offer

Every day one item is quoted at an exceptionally low rate along with a few special deals and discounts to another item which is on sale.      

Surprises and Delights

Apart from offering engaging and inspiring shopping experience, we at QVC Germany and its other branches invite customers to share and tell their stories, ideas, and feedback, which is broadcast live on the channels and portals. It is the way we get connected to people around and create a strong bonding and relations.

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