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Get detailed information on all kinds of drugs from an online pharma website in Canada. The site provides complete resources on drugs, medicines, chemical composition, side effects, prescriptions, doctors, patient details and many products.

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Info About & Shoppers Drug Mart Canada Store

Shoppers Drug Mart is one of the few online pharmacies listed on the Stock Exchange market. It is a huge company with many other divisions and undertakings. It was founded by Murray Kofler in 1962 as a chain of 17 pharmacy stores. With time the chain grew and now it has more than 1300 stores in Canada. Murray Kofler professionalized the pharmacies and pharmacists in the stores and revolutionized the pharmacy market in Canada. Shoppers Drug Mart is now owned by Loblaw Companies.

A new Good Experience

The hugeness of the company translates to the website as well. It is very welcoming and intuitive. You can create an Online Pharmacy Services Account, set it up for the medicines you require on a regular basis and have them refilled whenever you without any fuss. Just click 'refill' and the medicines will be sent to your place. There are many other plans and offers to look out for on the website. 

Campaigning and Spreading Awareness

They advertise about the recent health-related activities and campaign for events that support and promote health-related events and activities. They also provide a link to register for that event from their website only. And the range of products is also huge. For a company this big, it is an obvious thing. 

Savings and Points

Online shopping these days has become synonymous to saving and it is true. You can save so much effort, time and money by ordering online. Shoppers Drug Mart gives you points for new sign up that you can redeem and they have special offers for each and every individual account holder. This is a giant in true sense.

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