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Skyticket is the online portal that offers comparison and reservation of domestic airline tickets, hotel bookings, holiday packages and more. Register to book cheaply.

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Info About

Skyrocket is a Japanese online travel company. The company is basically a composition site where customers can search for and compare the services of different travel operators, to find deals that they like. The company offers both domestic as well as international booking services to its customers. Besides these customers can also book regular tickets at regular prices on the company’s platform.

Travel Services

The company offers travel services like flight booking, hotel booking, car rental, and ferry booking through its platform. The company offers these services to its customers through partnerships with travel operators from across the world. Some of these partners include ANA, FDA, SKY, IBEX and Air Asia among others. With the help of such a large number of partners, the company is able to provide its customers with a large selection of travel offerings.

Wifi Rental

The company rents out Wifi equipment to customers who are traveling across the world and require constant internet connection. Customers can request these services from almost anywhere in the world. The service is offered a fixed amount however, the rates are very reasonable. The equipment is delivered to the customers at the airport, customers can return the equipment to company representatives in the airport that they arrive at.

Premium Services

The company offers premium services to its customers through the Skyticket premium platform. Customers can become members of the service through a small annual fee. Members of the program are eligible for special benefits like special discounted pricing on all offering and premium pass for family members. Customers can opt for a free one month trial of the service if they want to test it out.

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