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Sound-house is the retailer that offers music instruments, lighting gear, video, and sound gadget and more. Visit the site for product info.

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Info About & Sound House Store

Sound House is the music instrument store that sells new musical instruments, music sheets, and related supplies from physical and online retail stores. They additionally offer music instrument rental, music guidance and quality repair. They sell melodic instruments of brands like Guitar Center, Sam Ash Music, Shumamura Music, Yamano Music, and Musikhaus Thomann. Additionally, they sell music instruments at the lowest domestic price with two weeks purchase guarantee.

Latest Product Information

While presenting leading branded products on a regular basis as wholesalers of a well-known brand, they deliver product information and updates on a daily basis. Additionally, they manage bulletin board on their official website which is quite popular among their customers.

Reliable Customer Care

The sound house offers high-quality customer service, so you don't have hesitation to talk about anything from system setup to product content. What's more, sell products are guaranteed by makers or with sound house one year's additional warranty; you never have to stop what you love the most.

Various Payment Alternatives

Payment method can be chosen from cash on delivery, bank transfer, registered mail, shopping loan, credit card, direct payment at the store, net banking, over-the-counter payment and much more so you don’t have to face any inconvenience.

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