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Tiendeo is the online portal selling groceries, clothes, home decor, electrical products, beauty products, toys, books and more with free shipping. Visit the site to order now!

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Info About & Tiendeo South Africa Store

Tiendeo is the place where all the shopping begins. It is the leading website for online offers and geolocalized catalogs. They are the favorite destination for the people who love to have a planned shopping. They are the easiest way for you to find out the best prices from the stores that are near your area. They are currently present in over 35 countries and they are growing each day. 

About the Tiendeo WebToStore 

The WebToStore is a digital catalog by Tiendeo. These digital catalogs will increase your campaign reach, and effectively reach the audience who are interested. It will also help you get the metrics and interpret consumer behavior. They are the market leaders in digitally distributing the catalogs. They have 25 million visitors and they offer an integrated retail solution. They find quality content and audience who are looking actively for information on shopping. They take advantage of the digital strategies and create direct and effective distribution channel between the business and consumers. Thus making your digital investment profitable. They are quite flexible and you can modify and improve your catalogs according to your needs. They consistently support sustainability by promoting digital methods. They have combined it with Analytics service. This will let you get comprehensive feedback. 

About Tiendeo Viewer Pro 

They were developing this technology for the past 6 years. This technology helps in getting your catalogs to a wide range of audience. This offers betters features like full screen, zoom in and zoom out, downloading as Pdf, store map, store information, print the catalog and several other features. They have also made these catalogs compatible to view through desktop, mobile app and also a mobile website. It is SEO optimized and is 100% responsive. 

Tiendeo Geotracking 

With the help of their geotracking, you can get information about the interest of the users. It allows optimization of the promotions by detecting and tracking the route of the consumers with strategical locations. They use wifi, GPS triangulation, Geofences or 3D when the consumers go to the store. Then they analyze the behavior of the consumer at the store in terms of the time spend, do they recheck the catalogs and much more. Now combining this with the metrics, you can know how these digital catalogs have an impact on the purchasing process. 

How does their digital and mobile marketing strategy help you?

Their metrics are very useful in analysing and understanding their market. They let you identify the users who have visited the stores after taking a look at the promoted catalogs. It shows you the increase in the number of users with the Tiendeo Viewer Pro. They let you measure the customer’s loyalty by getting the times of store visits per user. They will also show you the distance of the stores the user has visited. They provide you the time spent in the store, the time between the visit and the consultation. They provide you info on the time and days with the highest traffic. Finally, they provide you with influence areas related to the sales points.

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