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Official website and online ecommerce store for Timberland UK. Timberland is one of the most popular shoes, boots, fashion clothes and accessories retailers in the world with stores all over the famous cities.

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Info About

In the scenario of a technological world where craze of online shopping is on the great height, the name Timberland has set its different landmark by making the people fascinated and attracted towards various products mainly shoes and boots. The website is basically designed for the convenience of the people to shop a variety of products focusing on boots and shoes. Timberland, An American manufacturer brand mainly specialize in outdoor wears with the main focus on footwear.

Website logo

The website to be very precise chosen its logo of a sturdy looking tree which perfectly matches the shoes made for the rugged terrain which gives the shoppers assurance about the committed deals. The website gives a description about terms and conditions for sale. VF group is responsible for selling to consumers to various countries.

About homepage 

The homepage is beautifully and keenly designed to attract the customers in large amount. You have a search option at the top right-hand side of the page. Then you have sections to shop for men, women, kids’ wears. The feature to differentiate it from other sites is its unique culture and product designs which are inspired by the rich New England heritage. The homepage of the site shows a use code which assists the shoppers in shopping of their products. It also provides a discount on student purchase. 

The mission of the company

Timberland is not only engaged in product selling but also it focuses on the need to preserve the nature for the sustainable development. It has been involved in hundreds of tree planting projects. The company is committed to using new technologies for creative and innovative products which meet the requirement of product buyers especially consumers who see footwear as an essential tool to help them do their jobs.

Attractive graphics and presentation

The presentation of the site is sophisticated and attractive which clears the agenda of the site. It showcases exquisite graphics to enchant the shoppers, to visit the site repeatedly.

Promotion and weekend clearance sale 

To clear the stocks, the site openly offers huge discounts for the customers to grab the opportunity at a reasonable cost. The website even provides the shoppers to upload their snapshots and their experience about the use of products.

Innumerable choices 

The site provides wide and elaborative choices of shoes and boots with their exclusive features for men, women, kids’. Its horizon is not only limited to shoes but also offers sneakers and sandals which compliment casual as well as official outfits.  The boots show the quality with the rating of the products.  A brief description of products with price has been mentioned below the products. The leather and sole of the shoes show its durability and toughness of the products. In the women collection, you could choose a range with versatility helps to make women life eventful. Whether flat, tall or ankle boots you get heartiest choices.

Special kids’ collection

The site shows the contemporary kids’ footwear from infant to childhood. It provides to filter age group option to shop easily.

Exclusive dynamics 

The products have all the qualities of concrete leather, special weighted, high and well worn, fur-lined soft, fascinating hessian, brown, well polished, antique feminine and dressy tight. It gives the shoppers to become close associates.

Offers men’s apparel

The website provides an elaborative and clear destination for contemporary styling with comfort. Specialize in leather jackets and pullovers. Overall a consumer enjoys a flawless and fabulous experience of shopping through the sire which amalgamates one to the public. Shoppers are provided the opportunity to give their feedback of shopping experience contently.

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