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Titan, founded in 1985, is a joint venture between the Tata Group and Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation (TIDCO.) Originally Titan Watches Limited, they have since branched out into eyewear, jewelry, helmets and fragrances. With net revenue of 2.2 billion US dollars, Titan is one of India's largest consumer-oriented companies. 

Some of Titan's subsidiaries include Fastrack, Sonata, Tanishq, Titan eye plus, which respectively deal in sports gear, smartwatches, jewelry and eyewear. Today it is the Tata Group's largest consumer company. 

Having modest roots in a small factory in Chennai, Titan has since partnered with companies such as Casio and Louis Vuitton. Today, Titan owns multiple factories and manufacturing facilities throughout India to speed up their order and delivery times. 

Titan has been named one of Asia's top 100 most sustainable corporations, while simultaneously receiving awards for best customer service, best employer, best retail brand, and best design to name a few.


To the company, “Titan” stands for superior craftsmanship, innovative technology and trustworthy product quality. They believe in putting the customers first and upholding the culture and teamwork aspects within their company. 

Titan as a company respects the environment and ecology while advancing in technology and striving for excellence. They are also devoted to rural empowerment and producing sustainable products for a better, brighter future. 


Under Titan, Tanishq is probably one of the most known as a retail jewellery store. Tanishq stands 13th in the top 30 retail brands in Asia and has won multiple best retailer and quality awards.
Titan eyewear is another major player with industry-leading fashionable eyewear.

Titan also owns Skinn, which make some of India's best perfumes for men and women.

They also produce fashion accessories such as single and double sided belts, wallets and purses. 

Going back to the roots, Titan to this day offers some of the best and affordable watches in India. Clearly categorized as casual, office and fashion watches, they have a huge catalogue for both men and women alike. A watch for every occasion exists and the kids have it good too, with great, trendy watches from Zoop, their children oriented brand. 

Other than traditional watches, they also have smart watches, and watches with Swiss movements mechanics, if you decide to go that route. Offering a wide variety of dial colors, straps types and colors, it's only reasonable that Titan has been around for so long. 

Each watch has been explained beautifully along with its specifics, be it water resistance, warranty period or varying functions. In addition, customers who have previously purchased a watch have the option of rating it on their website so any new customers need not worry about their purchases. 

Titan's online store offers domestic shipping throughout India and has offered running constantly so you can always be assured the best prices. They also show the closest stores, in case customers wish to have a more hands-on approach before their purchase, and with Titan's loyalty program, customers can redeem their points from previous purchases for new products if you're a repeat customer. 

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