Woot Ware

Wootware is a South African online ecommerce platform that sells computers and laptops, computer parts, accessories and software online.

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Info About

When you are in love with your computer you are always on the lookout for new ways to improve it and amp it up. For some people a computer is not just a machine; it is a passion and an on-going project. And with the internet and various technology forums out there being updated with the latest when it comes to innovations in technology is very easy. But the same cannot be said about actually finding and purchasing the latest in computer hardware and technology. The most frustrating thing about local computer stores is that not only is it hard to find what you are looking for but even when you do find it, it is too expensive. To solve this universal problem and help people purchase the latest in computers, without them have to burn a hole in their pockets, Woot Ware was founded!

Easy, Affordable and Convenient

Woot Ware was founded on three principles – ease, affordability, and convenience. The main aim of founding the company was to make it easy for enthusiasts to find the latest when it comes to computers, laptops and especially custom hardware. Additionally, since it is an online company people from anywhere in South Africa can order, and it will be shipped and conveniently delivered to their doorstep. Hence, people can avail the latest in technology without having to even step out of their homes. And finally, all this isn’t as desirable if it is too costly; hence, the people at Woot Ware ensure that the prices are affordable to all.

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