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Printer motor is an important part of the printer. It is responsible for handling the important functions of the printer. It has several variations, each having different qualities. It is available in different sizes. It should be installed cautiously. NEMA defines the size of the motor and the motor should be chosen accordingly

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3D Printer Motors Buying Guide

3D Printers run with stepper motors. It is an important part of a 3D printer and handles a variety of applications of a printer. The function of the motor is dependent on the type of printer. These motors are used to move the extruder or to build platform along the x, y, and z-axis.

Available in different Sizes

Stepper motors are available in different sizes. The motor has a larger frame. The most common sizes used in printers are NEMA 14, NEMA 17, NEMA 23, and NEMA 24. NEMA stands for National Electrical Manufacturers Association and this is the frame size of the motor. NEMA enables us to identify the stepper motor.

Factors to consider while buying

The size of the motor decides everything. If you choose light-weighted, low torque motors that would get fit in small printers. It is going to cost less. An affordable and the most commonly chosen stepper motor is "NEMA 17". It has a standard size and is used by both DIY makers and industrial manufacturers. It has a standard size and is the most commonly used stepper motor. The large size motors, on the other hand, offers higher printing speeds. You need to consider your requirements before deciding the size.

Other significant points to be kept in mind

The stepper motors should be installed cautiously. If the motor is installed when the printer is on. it could start an electrical fire. You also become prone to electrical shocks. A stepper motor should not be unplugged that is getting powered. If the motor has a little current then it simply means that it does not have proper torque and the heavy amounts of current can cause the printer to overheat. A stepper motor should run at between 50%-85% of current.

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