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Discontinuity of a product does not necessarily mean a drop in the number of its fans and admirers. 3DO consoles may be history, but that is not stopping the buyer from exploring its mysteries. However, when something is not in vogue, extra efforts are needed to purchase the best of it.

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3DO Consoles, Games & Accessories Buying Guide

3DO consoles were discontinued more than two decades ago, but somehow, gaming enthusiasts who collect retro gaming stations are still purchasing them. The full title for 3DO is 3DO interactive multiplayer. These consoles were released by Panasonic, Sanyo, and Goldstar in 1993 and about 2 million copies of these consoles were sold by 1996. This buying guide simplifies everything for a buyer interested in collecting retro consoles so that they bring home a gem.

Gaming collections of 3DO consoles

Since 3DO consoles are no longer under production, they only have a limited number of games. The buyer has a choice of selecting any game from the 250 games that are compatible with the 3DO console. The best part about 3DO consoles is that they are not just a gaming unit but also a great audiovisual device that inspired Microsoft and Sony. Even after being outdated, 3DO consoles come with many impressive qualities that invite the buyer to invest in them.

Strengths of 3DO console

3DO consoles can be daisy-ported together, which means that controller ports could support many controllers (up to eight in 3DO consoles) simultaneously. The buyer should select a console based on their need for CDs they want to fit in a console at once. The top model of a 3DO console can fit almost five at once with a surge in pricing. The buyer might likely end up overlooking a few specifications since the product is no longer available to buy in every other store. So, the buyer must double-check the product for OS standardization and third and first-party controllers.

Accessories compatible with 3DO consoles

There are accessories like wireless, and wired controllers, light guns, joysticks, video cartridges and other add-ons invented to enhance the performance of a 3DO controller. Since the buyer cannot buy a new 3DO console, they should be careful about the accessory they attach with the console as the wrong one has high chances of damaging it. If the buyer is buying gaming CDs for 3DO consoles, they must remember that playing them in it might not be convenient.