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Drum and other percussion instruments are the oldest forms of musical instruments made by the humankind. They come in different shapes, sizes and sounds and are inevitable in producing many styles of music. Percussion instruments are played by hand or other tools like rods, mallets, drumsticks etc., broadly termed as beaters. As a percussionist, adding one or two accessories to your music routine can be highly effective in many areas like improving your skills, tuning your drums, protecting your hearing and the like. Read on to learn about the many accessories you can incorporate in your practice and performance.

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Investing in a drum stool is worthy any day if you are a person who takes percussion seriously. They are foldable and come with a round, comfortable seating with three legs, a design that makes your mobility much more efficient while drumming, rather than a regular chair with arms and multiple rails. It is desired if its height can be adjustable a child percussionist will grow and position yourself correctly with drums of different sizes.

For the drummer

Musician's earplugs are must-haves for not only drummers but other musicians as well. Concerts, stage performances and other loud-environments emit heavy sound signals that can negatively affect your aural health. Percussion instruments are especially loud and often go higher than one's hearing threshold, resulting in hearing loss or tinnitus with long-term practice. When worn, earplugs block damaging decibels without compromising on an immersive musical experience.

For the instrument

Many accessories can be used on and with your percussion instrument to increase its durability and performance. Drum dampeners or damper pads are used to enhance the sound of drum heads and most percussion instruments. They come as easily removable adhesive gel pads that can be stuck on the heads. They eliminate unnecessary resonance and help produce clear and crisp sounds. A drum key is for changing and tuning drum heads while adjusting the hardware. They usually come in chrome finish stainless steel and are available as many types.

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