Top 12 Acoustic Guitar Bags

Guitars need as much care and attention as any other precious piece placed in our homes. Hence, acoustic guitar bags ensure that guitars are safe and shielded against all external factors. Numerous factors influence the choice of guitar bags to be picked. Therefore it is wise to have a clear idea concerning this before buying

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Acoustic Guitar Bags Buying Guide

Guitars might undergo wear and tear and lose their tunings if they are not given enough care. Choosing an acoustic guitar bag is as crucial as buying a guitar. They are available in diverse colours, features, materials, etc. Guitar lovers want the best for their priceless possession, and this guide will enable them to pick suitable acoustic guitar bags.

Pick the right fit for your guitar

Selecting the appropriate fit acoustic guitar bags forms the crux of this process. Since guitars vary in size according to the brands and models, the dimensions of the guitar must be checked to avoid discrepancies.  The correct fit secures the guitar and prevents abrasion, making it easier to carry without causing any trouble to the one bearing it. An anti-skid rubber mat in the bottom provides a solid base for the guitar and prevents slipping off when standing.

Water-resistant is an essential property

Water repellent becomes an essential property while choosing acoustic guitar bags. Guitars have to be prevented from soaking wet as they might cause a fair amount of damage. The tuning of the guitar might get affected; hence it is extremely important to be careful. Whether it is the rain or accidental spilling of water, guitars must be protected from all conditions. Most of the bags are impervious to water which acts as a shield. Reinforced nylon, Oxford polyester, denier polyester are some of the fabrics that offer water-resistant characteristics.

A vast spectrum of colours to pick from

Colours are a true reflection of one's personality, and we tend to choose colours that best describe us. An extensive assortment of colours is available. More often than not, it also sets the mood of the guitarist before the performance.  Some prefer their guitar bags to be dark, while some like them quirky and bright. There is a large number of options for everyone. It can be chosen based on favourite or lucky colour.