Top 12 Acoustic Steel-String Guitars

Most people who wish to learn a musical instrument tend to choose the guitar over any other instrument, and even though learning the guitar sounds fairly simple, it can be a little confusing early on. The confusion begins with choosing the right kind of guitar, but any beginner’s ideal choice would be an acoustic guitar. Unlike a classical guitar that uses nylon strings, acoustic guitars have steel strings, which are more comfortable to play and easier to grasp.

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Acoustic Steel-String Guitars Buying Guide

Even though a descendant of the classical guitar, an acoustic steel-string guitar is a newer and more modern version that has gained popularity of late. The steel-strings of an acoustic guitar produce loud and bright sounds, but it can take time for some players to get used to the feel of steel against their fingers. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced player who prefers the steel-string acoustic guitar, keeping some factors in check can help you make the right choice.

Which Body Style and Why?

Although all acoustic steel-string guitars look similar, each has a different body type. Buyers are likely to come across two common body styles – the dreadnought and the full-size (or jumbo). The dreadnought shape is quite popular, and even though not as big as the full-size guitar, it is quite broad and bulky. It gives out deep, rich, and strong bass notes. On the other hand, the full-sized acoustic steel-string is the largest size and is better suited for strumming due to its powerful and loud tones.

Buy a Well-Built Guitar

The easiest way to ensure that any acoustic steel-string guitar is well-built to make sure it is made with high-quality tone-woods such as the spruce top, rosewood, and mahogany. An additional tough but thin lacquer finish will give the guitar a more responsive, warm, and refined sound. The guitar’s neck should be slim and comfortable with a slightly shorter scale length for easier play without compromising the sound quality. Similarly, buyers must choose between light gauge or heavy gauge steel strings according to their preference. However, lighter steel strings are more suitable for new learners.

Guitar Tuner and More Key Features

A tuner is an essential part of any acoustic guitar, and a clip-on guitar tuner is an excellent accessory which is easy to use and provides clear feedback. However, you need to ensure that the tuning gear is of good quality. Buyers can even buy acoustic steel-string guitars that included added accessories like a guitar stand, a strap, plectrum holder, picks, and a spare set of acoustic steel strings. Some also come with a guitar case or bag, which can help keep the guitar safe and makes it portable.