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Physical fitness and activities have witnessed stern growth in recent times. No matter how professional one is, they're still susceptible to injuries. Most physical injuries are taken care of by the body's self-healing process. However, one needs to protect the wound to keep the healing isolated and away from foreign particles. Adhesive bandages are a popular choice when it comes to isolating wounds.

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Adhesive Bandages Buying Guide

A body's healing process needs to be undisturbed and isolated for maximum efficiency. One of the effective ways of doing so is by using adhesive bandages. Adhesive bandages are made of coated paper or sometimes plastic and wrap around the wound completely for total isolation. The buyer can find antiseptic bandages or non-antiseptic bandages for their needs. Their light structure hardly comes in contact with the injury and, most variants are sterile that makes them safe. This guide will help amateur buyers in buying the bandages that best suit their needs. 

Antiseptic Or Not?

As mentioned above, adhesive bandages come in two variants, antiseptic or non-antiseptic. Antiseptic band-aids come with diluted antiseptic lotion pre-applied that help the wound heal up quicker. However, in some instances, the buyer may not need the antiseptic solution, and, therefore, they can find variants that have cotton in the contact area. The buyer must note that they can apply a medical lotion according to their needs or liquid on the cotton as prescribed to them. For this, they should buy a standard band-aid with no pre-applied antiseptics. 

How Much Should You Buy?

Depending on the intensity of the injury, it can last anywhere from a few weeks to a couple of months. To cater to the wound's isolation, the buyer may end up buying all the stock beforehand. However, a note should be taken that antiseptic bandages should be applied fresh and as soon as possible. Additionally, it is vital to use the appropriate amount of the band-aid as too much of it could cut off the oxygen supply to the wound. 

Shortlisting Based On The Intensity And Type Of Wound

The buyer can also shortlist suitable band-aids for them based on their injury. The market has variants of the product for most causes including, physiotherapy, an open wound or even a sprain. However, each variant has different properties and can't be used for the wrong purpose. For example, a muscle injury band-aid doesn't come with antiseptics and, therefore, wouldn't be effective on an open wound injury. 

The Additional Features That Buyers Should Look For

After the buyer has shortlisted the band-aid that best suits their needs, they can now consider some additional features for added convenience. For example, the buyer can find variants wherein the manufacturer gives finger stalls bundled with the main package for easy application. The buyer may also look for variants that come with a zinc oxide adhesive to boost longevity. 

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