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An agricultural fence is a nifty tool used to keep animals within or out of an area. You should make the right choice to utilise the agricultural fence's full efficiency based on the location, terrain and most importantly, the animals to be confined.

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Agricultural Fencing Buying Guide

Before putting your money in an agricultural fencing system, you must know the different products available in the market. This buying guide will help the buyers choose the right type of fence for their tasks. Your selection of fencing must ideally be based on the purpose of use.

Is electric fence a better option?

The types of fences are almost as varied as their uses, so it will be easier to differentiate based on their features. Modern technology has afforded us many ways to make our life easier. With the help of electric shock, an electric fence deters animals and human beings from crossing a boundary. A high tensile (electric) wire is cheaper than a non-electric wire because it takes lesser time and material to install. This mental barrier is a handy tool that can be taken down and reinstalled in no time.

Steel or aluminium fencing?

Choosing between steel and aluminium will depend on your budget and the purpose of use. As everyone knows, steel is more robust and more durable than aluminium. Steel fences are mostly galvanised to prevent rusting, giving them safety against atmospheric conditions. On the other hand, aluminium is cheaper and visually more appealing. The cherry on the cake is that it is lightweight and resistant to corrosion. However, if you require tight security for your premise, steel is more suitable as aluminium can be easily bent

Based on the type of animal that needs to be contained

Fencing for agricultural purposes is available in countless variations to provide security, contain animals, privacy and more. Before you start installing, please keep in mind the type of animals you are dealing with. While a barbed wire is suitable for confining docile animals in a large space, a welded wire is more suitable for containing tiny animals or poultry and garden. In contrast, for larger livestock, a field fence is ideal.

Fencing styles for the beautification of a property

Whether you want to contain your animals or decorate your property with fencing, flexible wires have an added advantage. They can be easily formed into shapes and cut to size to suit your purpose. The fencing wires provide security as well as give a visual upliftment to your property. If you are bored by the way your place looks, you can choose from a plethora of fencing styles to add flair. An aesthetically-pleasing fence hasn't harmed anyone.