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A wide variety of industries such as healthcare, transportation, construction, mining, automotive etc., make use of pneumatic systems, mechanical systems that employ pressurised air or gas for moving motors or cylinders. The pneumatic cylinder or the air cylinder is central to the pneumatic system by converting and releasing energy for use in applications. This guide will help you purchase the ideal air cylinder catering to your needs, whether for domestic or industrial settings.

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Air Cylinders Buying Guide

Air cylinders are lightweight, durable, and one of the simplest ways to produce energy by motion. Even challenging circumstances like extreme temperatures do not affect its performance, and better yet, they need little maintenance. However, they typically generate lower speed and lesser force than electric or hydraulic systems. But they are still widely preferred cost-efficient properties among others.

The types of cylinders

Pneumatic or air cylinders are classified primarily into two concerning their duty and compatibility. Compact cylinders are ideal for light-duty applications that call for smaller spaces and short stroke requirements. Though they generally come in as single-acting style, double-acting versions are also made. Meanwhile, guided cylinders are designed for heavy-duty applications where a larger offset load is required, or the load needs to be guided. Air cylinders can also be custom-made, which can sometimes perform better and help save cost when the standard types do not fit your job.

The arrangement and design of the cylinder

The basic design of air cylinders is rod-style. They are further designed in two styles- single or double-acting. Single-acting cylinders have a compressed air supply to just one side of the piston, while the rest of the sides expel to the atmosphere. The most common single-acting cylinder type is pressure-extended, where the internal spring brings the pistol back to its original position after the air is exhausted.Meanwhile, double-acting cylinders utilise the compressed air to extend and retract strokes by the rod's reciprocal movement. This arrangement is perfect for the mechanism involving pushing and pulling loads.

Other considerations to make

There are some quintessential specifications that need to be taken into considerations when purchasing an air cylinder. The force output of the equipment, i.e. the amount of force it generates, needs to be checked for compatibility with the application. The force output is determined by the cylinder's air pressure and bore size. Cylinder speed is as important; it directly affects the longevity and productivity of the equipment. Many aspects like the inlet and exhaust flow passing through the control valves, port sizes and tubing or hosing sizes affect the speed. Cylinder air consumption is also a determining factor.

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