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If you are building or buying equipment like an air treatment system, having an airflow switch is essential. It should be well-made and resilient. Installing and making adjustments to it should be easy. Taking a few more factors into consideration will help us to purchase the perfect airflow switch.

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Air Flow Switches Buying Guide

An airflow switch is commonly used to monitor and control the flow of air in a duct. It delivers a trip motion to another machine within the same system.  It can be used in a variety of ways, like in an air treatment system, fan monitoring, air handler, and exhaust ventilation.

Body of the switch

Check what material the airflow switch is made of. It should be resistant to rust and other corrosive natural processes. You want it to be durable and sturdy as well. It should be able to tolerate the airflow for a long time without wearing out fast.

Does it have an indicator?

Having an airflow switch that shows whether its internal contact is open or closed can be useful. While most don't, some brands do sell airflow switches that have indicators. A simple mechanism like an LED turning on when internal contact is closed can be convenient. 

How heavily will it be used?

Airflow switches are often available in two versions. You can choose the reed version with mechanical switching or the electronic one with electronic switching. What you should choose depends on how intensely the airflow switch will be used. If you plan to subject it to heavy-duty usage with strong vibrations and numerous operations, you might want to go for the electronic one.

The flexibility of the switch

Having a flexible airflow switch is convenient. Some switches allow you to change the direction of tubing freely even after installation. If its valves are easy to change on being damaged, it's a bonus. Flexibility must not compromise the sturdiness of the switch.

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