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Essentially built for lifting or lowering heavier load via a rope or chain, a hoist is a manually, electrically or pneumatically operated mechanical device used for industrial purposes to enhance productivity ensuring burden reduction. Thus, making the right choice of the hoist is necessary to suit the user’s primary needs.

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Air Hoists Buying Guide

Lifting heavier objects such as machinery or raw materials especially in industrial applications can be an exhaustive and time-consuming task. Thus, the choice of an appropriate Air hoist makes the task of lifting heavier objects easier with distinctive dust and moisture resistant feature. This comprehensive guide helps to choose quality air hoists based on precision, rigidity and durability.

A feature-based Hoisting Solution

The types of Air operated hoists are as varied as the distinctive purposes they are used for and thus can be precisely differentiated based on their properties and features. The primary aspects to be considered for an easier hoisting solution are- design, lifting capacity in tons and pounds, materials they are made up of and the temperature environments they are used in.

Site of Application

An easier hoisting solution calls for buyers to consider the mode and purpose of its application. Pneumatic hoists can be used as tool balancers or as manual reel chain or motorised trolleys with application particularly corresponding to construction and mining, petrochemical and food industry, offshore and onshore drillings, power plants, etc.

High Durability with Safe Handling is a Perk

Designed with a robust anti-collision aluminium alloy or having galvanized ropes with choice of a cord or pendant control built to lift capacities ranging from 140 kg-50 tons, ATEX certified pneumatic hoists guarantee buyers an Explosion-proof safety from the hazard of electric explosion.

 Added Benefits for Convenience

Besides, the aforesaid credentials, some exclusive air hoist design sensibilities also come in compact and lightweight designs with two controllers, emergency stop and smooth push pendant buttons, variable speed control, sensitive lever control. An overall protection device with upper and lower limit switches integrated into the hoist body to provide better protection and safe operation are some added of the added design benefits offered for buyers’ convenience.