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Alnico magnets contribute a wide range of educational, industrial, domestic utilization. These magnets are available in numerous forms, shapes, and sizes that alters their magnetic property. They can outperform other magnets in terms of corrosion resistance, durability even in extreme conditions. Alnico magnets incorporate strong magnetic power and can be easily remagnetized.

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Alnico is an alloy of iron which, in addition to iron, primarily consists of Aluminium, Nickel, and cobalt. They may also include Titanium sometimes. Being ferromagnetic, they are used to make a permanent magnet.

Characteristics of Alnico magnets

Alnico magnets are the most powerful magnet on earth after rear-earth magnets. These magnets show excellent stability over a wide range of temperatures. An alnico magnet posses magnetic power even at red hot temperatures. Unlike ceramic magnets, Alnico magnets can conduct electricity. Though they have good corrosion resistance, a magnet with a protective epoxy coating will last longer. Alnico magnets tend to lose magnetic property when not appropriately stored; however, they can be demagnetized easily.

Forms of Alnico Magnets

Some types of alnico magnets are isotropic that can be magnetized efficiently in one direction. Other varieties such as alnico5 and alnico8 are anisotropic and have their preferred direction of magnetization. Anisotropic magnets have a greater magnetic capacity. Alnico5 magnets, due to high flux density, are appropriate for a high-performance electromechanical device. Alnico3 is weaker than alnico2 in a bar magnet form but stronger than alnico2 in a rod form. Alnico5, in rod form, is the most widely used magnets in musical instruments such as guitar.

Shapes and sizes

Cast alnico can be produced into complex shapes with an intricate magnetic pattern. Alnico magnets range from small disc magnets to large magnets weighing up to 500 pounds. Standard shapes include disc, rectangular, channels, horseshoe, rod, and rings, each available in different dimensions.


Bar-shaped alnico magnets are the weakest magnets due to the small surface area. They can be used as domestic magnets, such as refrigerator magnets, whiteboard magnets, and compasses. The U-shaped horseshoe magnet makes the magnetic field stronger by pointing the poles in the same direction. A small horseshoe can be used for educational purposes, while a heavy-duty magnet is used in construction or engineering to pick up large metal pieces. Ring magnets are used in experiments to show magnetic repulsion.

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