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Anemometer is a device seen in weather stations to identify the wind's speed. It is a helpful tool if you are a person who lives in windy areas all the time. You might not be a professional to know all the requirements, but here we are to help you.

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Size, design, type, accuracy, construction, and response to wind speed are all the factors we will discuss in today's guide. Do not get overwhelmed with the information; however, make your choice correctly after reading the guide's content.

Go through the types

There are five types of anemometers available in the market. Each of those types can be sub-divided if there are further classification. Cup, vane, hot wire, pitot tube, and sonic anemometers are the types of anemometers. A cup anemometer has three to four cups that rotate with the airflow while a vane anemometer has added sensors. The hot wire anemometer works by cooling the wire that got heated up. The pitot tube type uses wind pressure while the sonic one uses ultrasonic waves. Based on this information, you can select the type of anemometer.

How accurate is your device?

The accuracy of the anemometer is the crucial factor in any brand or type. If you expect your device to be too accurate, you have to invest in some suitable devices. If you need only an anemometer to check the speed, you can go with a moderate device. But it is advisable to select the device that has accuracy not more or less than 5%. Other than the accuracy, it would be best if you also focused on constructing the device. Anemometers, being suitable for outdoors, should be correctly built using high-quality materials.

The levels of response and size

Ensure your anemometer can read the wind speed at a minimum of zero to a hundred mph. It is vital to note that wind speed may change hastily and unpredictably. The last thing is the size of the device. If you have a small device for a large area, guess what will happen! So, the size of the device is also an excellent factor to consider before purchasing the anemometers yourself.

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