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Drilling is a major part of any construction, building, and machining, but since these processes mostly involve metals, a standard drill will not work. There are many tools available to create holes in thick blocks or chunks of metal or its alloys, but the fastest, easiest, and safest option is an annular cutter. Annular cutters are most frequently built for mag (magnetic) drilling machines, making it an expensive alternative. However, investing in good quality annular cutters will not only give you perfect burr-free holes but will also help save time and effort.

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Annular Cutters Buying Guide

Whether you are a hobby machinist or professionally work with metal construction, annular cutters can be an excellent addition to your toolbox. Drilling large holes through metals often requires extra power, but drilling big holes is as easy as drilling small ones with annular cutters. The results are accurate and highly precise, whether or not you cut a full circle, and even if the angle is irregular, an annular cutter does a neat job. However, buying one isn’t that simple, and it is best to consider some factors.

High-Quality Construction

It goes without saying that annular cutters should be powerful and durable, which depends on its construction. The cutter must have an optimised geometry for enhanced cutting performance, and the design should be suitable for all types of metals. It is better to go with cutters made of high-speed and tough steel to ensure durability and extended service life. Since drilling uses a lot of power and produces high heat levels, annular cutters should have excellent heat-resistance. If preferred, buyers can buy annular cutters with a top-coating or surface finish.

Compatibility & Wide Application

Buying an annular cutter and finding out that it does not work with your machine or equipment can be a huge disappointment, which is why ensuring its compatibility is crucial. It is better to go with annular cutters that work with all major magnetic drill brands and are compatible with drill presses, mills, and other machine tools. Another thing to consider is the annular cutter’s application and the wider its application, the better. The annular cutter should be able to cut through various steel/metal materials like aluminium, brass, cast iron, steel plates, plus wood if required.

Other Vital Factors

The size of an annular cutter is another crucial factor and choosing the right one is essential. Annular cutters come in several sizes, and it all depends on the buyer’s requirement – but one must take proper measurements both length and width-wise. The cutter should not be used without an ejector pin under any circumstances – and if you don’t already have one, it is better to buy a complete set/kit with all necessary components, including various size options.

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