Top 12 Atari 7800 Games

Games are embraced by both kids and adults alike all over the world. Be it an amateur volleyball match on a beach, or a video game on the same, ‘playing’ is a wonderful means of entertainment. With over 200 games and franchises at play, Atari pioneered in-home video console, earning the love of gamers across the globe. Atari 7800 games, originally developed for the Atari 7800; an 8-bit home video game console released in 1986 is a bunch of fun games to be completely immersed in, without having to leave home.

Atari 7800 Games Buying Guide

Ranging from £ 5-40, Atari 7800 games are mostly available as cartridges that can be used in a compatible console. It is important to buy the one that supports either NTSC or PAL; that refers to the TV colour system depending on the region. Known famously for Centipede, Asteroids etc., Atari 7800 has a wide range of games with interesting narratives and clear graphics.

So many to explore!

Atari 7800 has a wide variety of genres. It provides sports, run and gun, racing, action-adventure and more. Basketbrawl, a sports game, allows fighting with other basketball players and knocking them down in scoring. It is very fast-paced and fun and can be played one-on-one or even two-on-two as competition. Meltdown, rated 7+ is a light gun shooter game set in a world where terrorists have threatened to destroy everything. The player takes the role of a hero in eliminating them. An additional Atari XG-1 light gun is required to play it. Mat Mania Challenge is another wrestling game that is enjoyed by many.

Take a trip down the memory lane

The Atari 7800 games were a real deal among the youth in the late twentieth century. It is a perfect gifting option for a gamer from the generation to reminisce. The retro feel retained in the games without compromising on quality is an absolute splendour that is enjoyed by all even now.