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Atomisers make the process of applying perfume convenient and easy. Additionally, they reduce wastage by using a mist of fragrance only in the desired area. They are small, portable and easy to adjust in a small purse while travelling. You can carry it to the office, gym, party, and even road trips.

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Atomisers let you control the targeted region better. They are more suitable for a stronger scent as they enable you to spray a very small amount, ultimately minimising the scent’s intensity. An atomiser can be utilised not only for perfume but aftershave, cosmetic lotion and even mosquito repellant.

Convenient and handy Mini atomisers

A mini atomiser is about the size of a lipstick. Most of the mini atomiser is made of hard glass with a sturdy aluminium shell as an inner container which is not easy to scratch or break. You don’t have to worry about perfume leaking into your bag and ruining other products as they come with a leakproof cap. A mini atomiser is available in 80ml or 0.56oz, excellent for a week-long journey. Atomisers often possess a fill level indicator window that shows how much liquid is left.

Metal  and plastic atomisers

The perfume bottle features a sturdy metal shell and hard glass inner container that protects the scent from surrounding oxidising air. Metal bodies are available in vibrant colours. To distinguish several atomisers containing different fluids, you either opt for colour coded bottles or choose a bottle that comes with stickers for labelling. Plastic atomisers are easy to find and are the most economical choice. Ensure to go for a BPA-free bottle. Plastic and glass bottles are transparent, so you can easily check the liquid level.

Practical and elegant glass atomiser

Glass atomisers are lightweight bottle with leakproof metal cap. They are available in various size options. Most of them are offered with a funnel and a pipette. Select a UV glass over a clear or amber-coloured one. They provide additional protection against gaseous and solid contaminants. Sunlight exposure depreciates the perfume’s quality and can also cause the fragrance to break down. 

More about atomisers

Some atomisers are offered with a funnel that allows you to refill in seconds without creating a mess. And some don’t need a funnel at all. Take off the original perfume bottle cap, let the mini spray bottle’s base aim at the straw, press the mini spray several times to fill in the perfume. This convenience comes with a single drawback: you cannot unscrew the atomiser’s tip if you want to pour in the liquid. Cap free atomiser comes with a twistable cap option: simply twist to reveal the nozzle. They don’t need a cap at all, thus cutting on the number of components.  

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