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It is a universal fact that disturbance while listening to any sort of audio is undesirable. To countermand this experience, audio amplifiers are used in audio amplifier applications, for the purpose of coupling and impedance matching of amplifiers and speakers. Audio transformers also find a myriad of other benefits and applications apart from its basic functions.

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Audio Transformers Buying Guide

Audio transformers, as the name suggests, are used to transform voltage and load impedance. The advantage of the transformation of these factors is noiseless, anti-interference, stable signal, distortion-free, continuous frequency, and easy adaptability and convenient hassle-free experience for the user. Audio transformers are readily available, which makes the buyer prone to buying the first transformer that they see without proper research. This buying guide aids the buyer in buying the right transformer to avoid any re-runs.

What to reduce and what to increase?

The transformation of voltage and impedance done by audio transformers usually means increasing them. The factors that should be prevented by any audio transformer are leakage inductance and the influence of hysteresis loss. In contrast, the factors that are amplified by them are power output, winding inductance, and passband.

Typical compatibility of a transformer.

 Audio transformers are used for the amplification of audio in many places like radio communication, broadcast television, microphones (input stage), and loudspeakers (output stage). To use audio amplifiers for these applications, the buyer must ensure that the transformer’s power capabilities and frequency response (usually 20 Hz to 20 kHz) of the transformer are adequate.

The primary selection process. 

It is very critical that the buyer checks the material of the transformer. They are usually made of nickel-alloy or amorphous-alloy material and have a cooling mode like oil-immersed air-cooled pre-installed. The buyer should also ensure that the product is waterproof and has a double wire winding. These are the basic necessities of a transformer that the buyer should not compromise on.

Additional factors to know about audio transformers.

Most audio transformers have a turn ratio of 1:1 that isolates the primary circuit from the secondary site without changing the voltage or current levels, which is why they are sometimes referred to as isolation transformers. The final factor that the buyer should consider before purchasing a product is if the severing life of the transformer is sufficient.

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