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Swimming is perhaps the most enjoyable amongst physical exercises. It is a great leisure activity that brings people together and improves their health. These days, people rely mostly on artificial pools for swimming than natural water bodies. And they are regulated by us and are used by many; maintaining their hygiene has paramount significance. Though you can manually clean your pool, automatic pool cleaners come great in handy if you want to save time and effort, especially since the cleaning should be done regularly. This guide will help you choose the right automatic pool cleaner to fit your needs.

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Automatic Pool Cleaners Buying Guide

Swimming requires you to spend a lot of time in the water. To ensure it is clean, people chlorinate the pool often. But just doing that does not leave you safe. Over time, pools can accumulate dirt and debris like leaves and twigs, which contaminate water—not scrubbing the pool walls while cleaning results in the formation of slime. These issues call for a thorough cleaning, which only automatic cleaners can offer among the existing equipment. There are mainly three types of automatic pool cleaners concerning the function, mode and budget.

Suction side pool cleaners

Suction side pool cleaners are the most inexpensive and simplest among the lot. They are perfect for screened pools as large twigs and leaves are unlikely to end up there. The equipment is connected to the pool skimmer and moves around with the help of water pressure sucked out of the pool. They may have wheel drives for effortless mobility. While some clean both the pool's floor and walls, others just scrub the floor using bristles. They may be overloaded quickly, which would require us to frequently emptying the skimmer basket.

Pressure-side pool cleaners

A pressure-side pool cleaner is ideal for collecting medium to large-sized debris. It is a little more expensive than a suction-side cleaner and cleans better. It is affixed to the pool filter and utilises high-pressurised water to move the equipment around. It also comes with a huge filter bag which allows for replacing the mesh types. Some pressure-side pool cleaners may require a booster pump which makes them more efficient.

Robotic pool cleaners

Robotic pool cleaners are the most efficient and expensive and are powered by an external electricity source. The remove algae and dirt on the floor, waterline as well as walls, thus providing maximum coverage. They require no installations and do not burden your pool's filter and pumps. They are easier to maintain and collect any type of debris. In addition, they aid in water mixing that lowers the number of times the pumps need to be run.

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