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Everyone adores babies. They are cute, innocent and bring so much joy into our lives. It is a pleasure to watch them adorn beautiful clothes that make them happy and comfortable. Indeed, babies require different kinds of clothing for the various events they attend early in their lives. This guide will focus on baby boys' suits and blazers and help you make informed choices when you purchase them.

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Baby Boys' Suits & Blazers Buying Guide

Many think that baby boys' clothes are boring or that they cannot be much experimented with. But baby boys have as much variety in their clothing as there is for baby girls. It is just a matter of exploring the various options available to bring out the best clothing for your boy.

Why choose suits and blazers?

Unlike popular belief, baby clothes needn't just be casual. A suit and a couple of blazers, in fact, are quintessential pieces for a baby boy's wardrobe. Babies attend a lot of events when they are young- their christening function, birthdays, parents' anniversaries, kids' parties; there are umpteen formal to semiformal events they have to be part of.Wearing a suit or pairing up jeans or trousers with a chic blazer brings out your boy child's best look and makes him fit the occasion. He has plenty of other scenarios where he can just pull in a casual Pokemon tee and go play in the mud.

Comfort is the key

When purchasing baby clothes, especially elaborate clothes like suits and dresses, one must be extra cautious about the two Fs- fit and fabric. It goes without saying that fit and size for children's clothing should be precise. A little too tight or a little loose, babies will easily get irritated. Tight clothing can also cause skin rashes, while loose clothes can meddle up with your boy's movement. The fabric must only be made from natural materials like cotton for maximum breathability and comfort. Any synthetic fabric and dyes are unwanted guests on your baby's body.

A plethora of options!

When it comes to suits and blazers for your baby boy, there are a plethora of options to choose from. You can go for a classic tuxedo or a semiformal yet chic suspender with pants or a jumpsuit. You can play with the colours, with younger boys going for lighter shades and older boys going for darker variants if they see fit because dark colours attract heat, and little boys wouldn't want that. If you want to go fancy, you can pick various patterns and experiment with them. Stripes and checkers are always in, while cute prints are catchy. 

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