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Every parent constantly worries about their child’s safety, but all the more so when travelling in a car. Although car seats are a great way to ensure your kid’s comfort and security, sometimes it is not enough. It is pretty common for babies to fall asleep in vehicles as it creates a relaxing environment like a womb. But while sleeping, a baby’s head keeps moving in all directions with every bump and turn, which is quite unsafe – and one excellent solution is a baby car seat head support.

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Baby Car Seat Head Supports Buying Guide

A new-born or infant’s head and neck need continuous support for about three to four months, and not having enough protection in a car seat can be dangerous for the baby. But investing in car seat head supports will give you peace of mind that your child is always safe, and they are also suitable for toddlers. A baby car seat head support has multiple uses and can be used anywhere from vehicles to strollers – or even at home. However, there are several features a buyer should consider – that this guide will point out.

Which Type of Car Seat Head Support to Choose?

When buying car seat head supports, buyers will come across a few options, including a full-sized body cushion, U-shaped pillow, and head strap/belt. The first head support covers up most of the car seat and provides support from all sides, making it perfect for new-born babies. On the other hand, a U-shape pillow is somewhat bulky and offers excellent head & neck support at all times, and is great for infants. Lastly, a head strap is placed on a child’s forehead and is securely attached to the car seat. However, a belt design is less secure and more suitable for toddlers.

High-Quality Construction is a Must

A baby’s safety extends beyond choosing the head support’s design, and one should also consider its construction. No matter which type of car seat head support you prefer, make sure it is made of high-quality fabric like one hundred per cent pure and organic cotton – which is both soft and breathable. Similarly, buyers can go with head supports made with mesh or nylon as they are weather-friendly and comfortable. However, it is better to buy head support constructed with environment-friendly and suitable materials safe for a baby’s sensitive skin.

What Else Must Buyers Consider?

Since babies can be messy, buyers should go for car seat head supports that can be hand or machine-washed and tumble-dried for easy maintenance. One must also check the suitable age group and size before purchasing the head support to avoid last-minute replacements. If you are buying full-sized car seat head support, make sure the head part can be disassembled/removed for personalised use. Similarly, if buying a head strap/belt - buyers need to ensure it has an adjustable buckle and elasticised fit for added comfort.

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