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Baby clocks are for newborn babies or toddlers to provide them soothing sounds like a heartbeat, rainfall, noise static, sweet lullaby etc. These baby clocks come in various cute shapes and sizes to distract the children and make them enjoy themselves. They can be attached to the cot, mosses basket, pushchair or any type of seat or chair.

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Baby Clocks Buying Guide

Baby clocks are soft toys with an in-built sound system and cry sensor that play soothing sounds for newborn babies or toddlers. Not only this, they come in various vibrant colours and shapes to make the child feel happy and cheerful. Since baby clocks are for the babies' benefit and welfare, we must choose the best baby clock for them. This comprehensive guide aims to bring together certain useful features of the baby clocks that you must look for while buying baby clocks.

Soothing sounds and cry sensor

A baby clock must have soothing sounds like a heartbeat, rainfall sounds, noise static, a sweet Lullaby just by clicking the in-built sensors. The in-built cry sensor enables the baby clock to play these soothing sounds for the baby if they somehow wake up due to disturbances and make them sleep again by soothing them with these sounds.

Soothing lights

Soothing lights are essential in a baby clock. The reason is that if the baby wakes up in the night, then the baby clock can activate the sensor and glow beautiful soothing lights for the baby, so the baby does not feel uncomfortable in the night and goes back to sleep smoothly. Also, see that the baby clock's battery life is enough to glow the light for at least 20 minutes.

Comfortable baby clocks

The baby clock should offer comfort to the baby clock whenever he wants to play or enjoy it. The baby clock's fabric has to be soft for the baby to grab whenever he wants to play with it. Thus, comfort is another essential thing to be looked upon.

Tied with any type of chair or basket

The baby clock should easily get tied up with any chair, cot or Moses basket so that the baby can see it whenever he wants and listen to the soothing music and watch delicate lights to sleep easily.

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