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Newborn babies generally sleep almost 16 hours from a day of 24 hours. Since sleeping is an essential part of a baby's growth and development, every parent must pay particular attention to their child's bedding environment. When it comes to comforters, parents have a pretty extensive range of products they can purchase from the stores.

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Baby Comforters Buying Guide

When babies face difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep throughout the night, especially newborns, who are known to cry a lot during nighttime, it tends to take a toll on the entire family's sleeping schedule. A comforter is a small blanket, often attached with soft toys, to help babies slowly settle themselves into independent sleeping patterns and provide them with the utmost comfort through developmental changes. One may refer to the subsequent buying guide to know more about a wide variety of decisive elements.

Picking the right size

Although most parents start using baby comforters after 6-7 months of birth, there's no specific time limit to when you can start using one for your baby. You can use comforters for newborns for swaddling or wrapping around them. Here, you have to see that the blanket's size is not too massive to overwhelm the little one. You can choose a standard-sized comforter, which is versatile enough to comfort a baby when sleeping, even as they start growing in months.

The most vital factor: breathability

Fabric breathability is among one of those pivotal factors you simply cannot ignore while purchasing baby comforters. Some babies like to sleep with blankets covering their faces, which is why the material needs to be highly breathable. Natural fabrics like cotton, bamboo, and muslin are some of the most popular choices among buyers. Fleece, microfibre, and plush are a few synthetic fabrics you can find popularly in the markets.

Safety is crucial!

When purchasing baby comforters, it's better to shop in-person rather than buying online. This way, you can look for loose tassels, threads, or fringes that could pose a choking hazard for your baby. Also, you should avoid heavy blankets with too much fur or fillings as they could get inside the baby's nostrils, resulting in breathing problems. Furthermore, if you're choosing synthetic or satin fabrics, ensure that they're entirely baby skin-friendly and do not cause rashes or blemishes since babies have susceptible skin.

A plethora of designs!

There are an endless number of baby comforters' design varieties that you can choose to suit your baby's needs. The most popular design among manufacturers is the vast collection of animal soft toy comforters that offer both optimum security and comfort to a baby. Another valuable feature to look for is the blanket's good washability with durability since they're bound to go to the washing machines several times a month.

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