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Babies are cute bundles of joy that all consider precious. We would do anything to make our babies happy, comfortable and healthy. Parents often plan a lot on the diet and playtime of their babies. But what babies wear is equally important as to what they consume, though it is often not discussed much. Babies' skin and bodies are sensitive and delicate, and this is why one needs to be careful with what they put on them. Footwear plays an important role in a baby's life from the first week, and a lot is there to explore.

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Baby Girls' Shoes Buying Guide

There is an infinite range in babies' shoes, especially in girls', and most cater to specific needs, ages, and styles. When purchasing baby shoes, three things always need to be taken care of: comfort, occasion and durability.

Growing up

As babies grow up, the type of shoes they wear takes an upgrade one at a time. Newborn to three months old babies require utterly soft shoes as their feet are fragile then. Any material that moves along the motion of the skin is preferred. Knitted boots give maximum coverage and comfort and help the baby feet from getting cold.

Walking shoes, mostly trainers, are used from around when the baby is a year old. When they typically start taking their first step, trainers give ample support for the baby. They should be flat and sturdy if the baby tries to walk on a rough or dirty surface. Walking shoes are typically made of canvas with rubber soles.

A heap of shoes!

There are umpteen shoes that protect your little princess that may not be age-restrictive. They mostly depend on the need, mostly related to weather and individual style. Rain shoes are waterproof boots that baby girls can wear during monsoon or when walking through damp areas. Made of non-slip PVC material, they can even be used during hiking or other adventurous activities. During wintertime, woollen boots or shoes are ideal for keeping your Lil one's feet cosy and warm. Soft indoor slippers made of cotton can be used at home to prevent skidding on the smooth floor.

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