Top 12 Backgrounds for Terrariums

Terrariums are artificial habitats made for small vertebrates, reptiles and insects. The creatures are either kept for observation or as pets. As they would be spending all or most of their life inside the terrarium, an ideal ecosystem must be provided for them to grow and thrive. Vegetation, sand-beds etc. are kept inside along with appropriate backgrounds to benefit the animals and visual appeal. Backgrounds are mostly available in tree barks or trunks with bulges, ridges and cracks for reptiles etc. to climb and hide.

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Backgrounds for Terrariums Buying Guide

What to choose?

As mentioned earlier, terrarium backgrounds are mostly available as tree trunks and barks as they act as an excellent climbing area for reptiles. They also fit the idea of a forest, and hence they can be used in vivariums developed for tropical rainforests. Small nest-like backgrounds work well for snakes and the like and for plant growth. Ultimately, the pet should feel comfortable with the background, and so, it is always recommended to check for any allergies.

Ideally, terrarium backgrounds should be resistant to mould or mildew. Although they come in different sizes, it is preferred if they, especially bark tiles, can be cut to fit individual terrariums. Most backgrounds are multipurpose as they are compatible with aquariums, vivariums, ripariums etc.

The materials used

Natural, as well as synthetic materials, are used in the making of terrarium backgrounds. The choice of purchase depends on one's needs and preferences. High-quality non-toxic polystyrene is mostly used to make artificial backgrounds as it doesn't cause any harm to animal and plant life. They are appropriate for both arid and humid atmosphere and provide insulation, thus great for glass containers. They achieve multi-dimensional and true to life structures that can last for years. Natural fibres like that of coconut and cork are widely used in producing tree bark and nest backgrounds, respectively.