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Baking chocolate, carob, and cocoa are ingredients most popularly used in many chocolate desserts like ice creams, puddings and pastries. Chocolate desserts are some of the most popular desserts worldwide, and the craving for these desserts is perennial. Only the best baking chocolate must be used to make these desserts as authentic as possible.

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Chocolate is a universally loved food. Any food that involves chocolate, like puddings or cakes, is instantly a popular dessert. The unique texture and taste of chocolate are pleasing to the tongue, which has made it a standard staple for use in desserts and sweet concoctions. Moreover, because chocolate is easy to melt and package, it is easy to mass-produce chocolate-based ingredients like baking chocolate, cocoa powder and drinking chocolate powder. The recipes for various chocolate based deserts is also uncomplicated and straightforward, and hence, anybody can stir up a quick dessert to quell their sweet tooth.

Chocolate couverture callets

Chocolate callets, also known as chocolate chips, is chocolate cut into tiny grain-size pieces for their use in dessert making. Chocolate is turned into callet form because they are extremely easy to melt and convert to liquid chocolate, which can be used as layering on top of cakes and ice creams. The most popular use of chocolate callet is on cookies. When the cookie bakes, the callet melts and merges into the cookie, making the cookie more chocolatey. Callets can also be used in their unmelted form as a decoration on cakes. White chocolate callets are also available.

Cacao butter and its uses

Cacao seeds are the seeds from which cocoa and cocoa butter is made. Cocoa has the same uses as traditional butter. Moreover, cocoa butter is used in desserts and chocolates to give it a more glossy look and creaminess. Cocoa butter is also used to make the baking moulds smooth and add more flavour to the cake’s surface. For those who are vegan and are constantly looking for alternatives to dairy products, cocoa butter is an excellent vegan alternative. Unlike coconut butter that leaves a coconut smell, cocoa butter has no distinct smell or flavour of its own.

Milk chocolate fondue

Chocolate fondue is a variant of melted chocolate. Fondue is prepared with semisweet chocolate melted in heavy cream, which gives it a thick consistency. Nobody needs an introduction to fondue as it is one of the most popular dessert attractions in any ceremony, be it a wedding, a party or an official conference.  While dark chocolate is commonly used to prepare fondue, milk chocolate fondue variants are also available. One may even find white chocolate fondue. Fondue is had with fruit or hardened, well-toasted bread as a tea snack. Fondue and marshmallows is an extremely popular combination.

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