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Think of situations when you are talking with your best friend and the aunty next door just surveillance you without taking her eyes off. Or imagine situations where you are doing yoga, and the next door idiots watch you do them. What can you do to avoid such problems?

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Balcony Privacy & Protective Screens Buying Guide

A balcony is a place where you spend most of your peace and quality time. But, if it is not going to be peaceful, you need balcony privacy and protective screens. There are many types of balcony privacies available in the market. You can choose from a range of products but before that, read this guide.

Choose the features of your screens

The balcony privacy and protective screens are available with a lot of specifications. Most of them are water-proof and weather-proof as you might have them installed in the outdoors. So, if you are looking for screens to withstand water, go with water-proof ones. The second thing is if you want your screens to resist, then opt for wind-proof screens. The third important is UV-proof covers. You might be sitting by your balcony and reading a book where you won't wish to get burnt by UV, right! So, try to look for UV-resistance in your balcony privacy screens.

The material of the balcony privacy screens

Most of the manufacturers offer balcony privacy screens and protections in polyethylene. It is an excellent material as it is tear-resistant too. Other materials include wood, plastic, jute ropes, artificial plants, and more. However, those materials like wood and jute ropes might not give full privacy. But, they can add a touch of aesthetics too. Similarly, the screens made of artificial leaves are great for use in the garden and patio area. You can select the type of material you want.

Installations and other features

The primary purpose of balcony privacy screens is privacy. So, when you buy a screen, examine its see-through capacity. If you don't mind the screen being see-through, you can go with the ones that have fewer GSMs. The other feature is the easy installations. Try to go with the ones that are minimal and easy. And, if you want, you can also search for screens with noise-proof features. It can eliminate the noise from outside and within.

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