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Ball nose end mills have round-shaped tips in the form of a hemisphere. They are used for making three-dimensional contours, 3D relief sculpturing, cutting, 2D/3D engraving, slotting, carving, making lubrication grooves in bearings etc. with a smooth finish. They are used for the above jobs in metals, wood, plywood, MDF, and Acrylic.

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Ball nose end mills look similar to drill bits, are circular in shape, straight or tapered, and have helical grooves on periphery called flutes. Cutting edges are cut on the periphery as well as on ends. Flutes help in cutting and for removal of chips formed during the cutting process.

Geometry & Flutes

For selecting the right ball nose end mill, some points are to be taken into consideration. The ones used for metals have different tool geometry than those used for wood-plastic to ensure good tool performance & efficient chip removal during machining. Hence, material to be machined is to be considered while choosing the right tool. The number of flutes is usually two for use on non-ferrous materials, like Aluminum, Brass, Plastics, Hardwood etc. For alloy steel and more rigid materials, four flutes are used. A higher number of flutes are used when a more robust tool is needed for higher feed rates.

Diameter specifications to accept

The diameter of the ball & nose end mill is chosen depending on the groove's width to be machined. Length of the tool should be just sufficient for carrying out the job. Increased tool length is associated with increased tool chatter or vibrations and results in a poor finish. Tapered end mills are more suitable for carving & engraving jobs.

Material composition is important

Ball & nose end mills typically are made of Solid Carbide or High-Speed Steel. For job on metals, to increase performance, improved chip removal & to enhance durability, they are provided with different surface coatings suitable for machining a wide range of materials, from plastics to Aluminum, Cast Iron, Steel and Steel alloys. AlCrN, TiAlN, TiCN, TiN are most commonly used coatings. Coatings for non-ferrous applications, such as TiB2 have a low coefficient of friction, allowing for easier machining operations.

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