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It is so fun to watch the toddler play with the ball. But, selecting a ball for babies is not easy at all. There are several types of balls available in the market and even more types of precautions to take. If the selected ball violates any forethought, there might be an accident. To avoid any such thing, go through this guide to pick the ball for your kid.

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Balls for Babies & Toddlers Buying Guide

Playing with a ball improves the health of the kids in many ways. The hand-eye coordination is improved. The baby learns more about the movement of hands and other motor skills. Playing with the ball also helps to improve the timing. It has a significant role in the overall growth of the kid. Below are some points you should keep in mind before buying a ball for your little one.

What variants are available in the market?

There is no shortage in the variant department of balls. Different companies produce different types of balls, and one of the handy variants is the textured ball. It has a different texture on every ball and makes a squeaky sound when squeezed. Many balls have lights and sensors that attract toddlers. There's also a dancing ball that has a musical device installed in it. Once thrown, the music starts and the ball jumps in random directions.

Design plays an important role here.

If there are any sharp edges on the ball, the toddler might hurt themselves. There should be no sharp edges on the ball. The size of the ball is also significant. Small sizes come with the risk of choking hazard, and big ones are hard to grab for kids. It should be of vibrant colour as these colours attract babies.

Other factors to consider

An ideal ball for an infant must have EN71 certification showing that it's safe for toddlers. It should have a germ free design and should be allowed to wash in water. Cheque the recommended age section of the product and only buy if your kid lands in that zone. After checking all these factors, you'll have the perfect ball for your little one.

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