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Although it might seem easy, Barbecue Rotisserie is a complicated purchase to consider the numerous options available in the market. This buying guide skims you through the different aspects of the simple-yet-difficult cooking device that could add dozens of opportunities to your menu if you buy it right!

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Barbecue Rotisseries Buying Guide

In rotisserie, the meat is cooked by being inserted into a rod, called a spit, which gets rotated over a fireplace or a heat source. When the spit is on top of a barbecue pit, it is called a barbecue rotisserie. The rotation ensures that the meat is cooking all over evenly, producing an incomparable moisture and succulence level.

Is it what you want?

Before jumping into accepting that the barbecue rotisserie is what you want, understand that the heat source could be anything. It could be a fireplace, a grill, an oven. It does not even have to be horizontal; it could be a vertical rotisserie where you can slowly shave off the meat. However, if you still believe that a barbecue is the best option for you, then you still have plenty of options to choose from, like a gas grill, charcoal, electric, portable etc.

Specifications to look out for

Some basic things to keep in mind would be the number of people you are cooking for, especially when deciding the spit roaster's size. A smaller one could work correctly for a small family, and bigger is not always better. According to the cooking meat, it is essential to consider the motor required to rotate it. The heavier the flesh, the more power the motor should have. It is also necessary to adjust the meat's height over the grill, so keep an eye out for any height adjustment facility.

Add-on features to help

The essential parts of a rotisserie would be the spit rod, spit forks, spit motor and counterweights. You can add more features to this depending on your grilling needs. For example, if you would like to grill vegetables, you can add a basket to the skewer rod. If you want to cook a larger piece of meat, you could invest in larger prongs, back brace and leg brackets if you're going to grill an entire animal. So, check out for the extra add-ons according to your needs.