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Our earth is surrounded by air that exerts pressure on its surface. This pressure is measured via barometers that are mainly of two types of mercury and aneroid. Mercury ones have a glass tube wherein mercury is filled in a cistern. Aneroid barometer comes with springs that contract and expand depending upon the air pressure.

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The force that gravity puts on the earth's surface is known as atmospheric pressure. Air pressure is caused as a result of the vertical weight of air. As we move high up the altitudes, the atmospheric pressure decreases. This air pressure can be measured using barometers. Several layers of atmosphere encircle our planet, with each layer exerting pressure on the earth's surface. This pressurising air has weight, and that weight is measured using barometers.

Into the Planet of Barometers:

Evangelista Torricelli is known as the inventor of the first-ever barometer that came into existence. Barometers help predict weather conditions and are used for marine applications as well. You can determine the altitude of a particular mountain using them.

Types of Barometers Available:

There are two main types of barometers: mechanical and electronic ones. In mechanical ones, there are two types: mercury and aneroid. Mercury barometers have been used for ages due to their density, allowing them to have manageable dimensions using liquid. Non-liquid or aneroid variants use springs for functioning and are more reliable and long-lasting. They are portable and can be carried from place to place.

When the atmospheric pressure reduces, the mercury levels in a mercury barometer also decreases. They are 3 feet tall glass tubes where one end of the tube is sealed while the other end is kept open. Mercury is filled in a cup called a cistern. Non-liquid barometers work by displaying the output on an LCD. Aneroid barometers have a vacuum metal disc instead of mercury, making them less accurate but more portable. They come with a small copper alloy container called an aneroid capsule; within this container, many levers and springs inserted that contact and expanded based on the air pressure.

Your Path to Choose the Right Barometer:

Barometers are adored for their reliability and precision. Hence, go for a trusted and durable product. Their dials are made from copper, brass or decorative paper, while the exterior unit is crafted from mahogany or oak. Barometers are available in different shapes and sizes. Mercury ones are available in stick forms and hence are also known as stick barometers.

Non-liquid variants come in a round shape, unlike mercury ones. Aneroid barometers can be located on the wall or used as portable units when you move from place to place. Barometers with clearly marked dials, well-attached screws and well-functioning knobs will ease the calibration process. 

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