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A bass amplifier is a device that can, in simple terms, increase the volume of the sounds produced by low-pitch instruments. It is an electronic musical instrument, and it is widely in use. You have to check some of the parameters before buying to ensure its quality and worth of money.

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Bass Amplifiers Buying Guide

Bass amplifiers have many parts in them. But you don't have to be a tech guy to purchase the right product for your needs. All you need to have is some time and patience to completely read this guide, understand, and make your choice wisely. Shall we start the guide then?

First, the type of bass amplifiers

There are mainly two types of bass amplifiers available, and they are combo and stack. A combo amplifier is one that has all its components built-in. It is quite heavy, but it is cheap and easy to carry. On the other hand, a stack amplifier is one that has its head and speakers separate. It gives you the freedom to carry them separately and is convenient during travel. Besides this structural difference, a few other differences will not matter a lot in the long run.

The size and number of speakers

The speaker is the main reason you can hear the low-pitch sound of instruments like the guitar. So, making the right choice in your speaker is mandatory. Do not conclude that a huge size speaker will deliver a high-quality sound. Amplifiers made of several small speakers offer a crisp and clear sound than a big speaker that offers noisy sound. Also, the number of speakers you have inside can be limited to these five forms: 4*10", 1*15", 1*18", and  8*10". However, you can mix and match the speaker's number according to the size of the hall.

Check the speaker cabinet and the power

For your bass amplifier to work efficiently, you need to have a big diameter speaker cabinet. It is to ensure that air is present inside to push and pull the cabinet. It is necessary for low-frequency sounds and very high-frequency sounds. The other thing to be considered is the power of the amplifier. If you give low frequency to your amplifier, it can draw a huge amount of energy. So, maintain 400-watt power as a minimum.

What about portability and construction?

The bass amplifiers are heavy than ordinary guitar amplifiers. So, it might be difficult to carry the amplifiers around. Hence, check for handles or wheels in them for easy portability. Also, bass amplifiers tend to be vibrating a lot, which needs sturdy construction of wood and metal corners to protect the wood. Also, make sure the wood used in the construction of the bass amplifier is thick and huge.

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