Top 12 Bass Guitar Straps

While talking about guitars, we often overlook the importance of guitar straps. Some deem it unnecessary and irrelevant, or as a decorative accessory. But guitar straps significantly improve your performance and comfort in using the instrument, especially if you have a bass guitar as it is much heavier than acoustic or electric. It also goes without saying that one would need one if they perform while standing.

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Bass Guitar Straps Buying Guide

Guitar straps are mostly universal, i.e. it matches all types of guitars, with some standard exceptions. What matters is how and why you choose a particular belt. The following guidelines will help make the right choice catering the needs of your bass and you.

What matters?

In choosing any guitar strap, one must look at the length and width of it and the material used. This ensures maximum comfort and durability. Bass guitars are relatively heavier. This means that the straps ought to be much wider to balance the weight one has to carry. Slightly padded strap, especially on the shoulder part, helps disperse the guitar's weight evenly across the back and front, resulting in easy mobility during long hours of playing.

Bass guitars are taller as they have longer necks. Longer straps might be required to cover its length while affixing the two ends. And if you are exceptionally tall, longer straps are mandatory. However, guitar straps are usually adjustable. An easy-to-use and sturdy buckle ensures seamless adaptation for both kids and adults alike.

Material is perhaps the most critical aspect of a guitar strap. The material determines the durability of the strap. If you are an avid performer who practices daily, investing in an all-leather strap is desired. It is likely to last decades and provides great comfort. If you are not a performer, nylon or cotton guarantees the expected durability. Carefully designed loops with premium materials safeguard the strap from detaching the instrument. However, straps with locking mechanisms like clip locks etc. virtually make the separation impossible.

The complete Rockstar

Every performing guitarist wants to be adored by the audience. Uniquely stylised guitar straps are an excellent way to bring about that alluring rockstar image. One can easily enhance their appearance and style by straps with solid colours or wild patterns. It can represent who you are and what your music says. Customised straps are henceforth increasingly taking place in the market.