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Bassinets are suitable for very young children who are less than a year old. Make sure it is safe for your baby and convenient to use. Check every aspect of the bassinet carefully before purchasing it to ensure comfort and safety for the child.

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Welcoming a baby into your home almost requires you to build a whole new tiny world for them – new clothes, soft bed sheets, bottles and nipples, and safe toys. Babies are sensitive; they are easily made uncomfortable, and their health is delicate. They should always be held and cradled properly, their food must be safe and healthy, and nothing should feel rough on their skin. Among the many new things you need to buy for a baby is a bassinet. They are particularly required for very young children aged less than a year. As for any baby product, exercise caution while shopping for one.

Design of the bassinet

Bassinets are designed in different ways. Some have wheels attached, making them easy to push around the house. You can keep your baby close to yourself all the time, even when they are sleeping during the daytime. Some bassinets have a mechanism permitting them to be clipped onto the side of your bed. You will be able to access your baby without leaving your bed easily. Some bassinets have a completely open side, while others have a partly open side. Make sure that it is compatible with the height of your bed. Some bassinets hang from a frame; you can rock it gently to comfort your baby.

Height of the bassinet

Some bassinets do not let you change the height. If you keep it beside your bed, check if it is compatible with the height of your bed. However, you can find many bassinets with adjustable heights, letting you use them in a variety of ways. You can attach it to beds and sofas of different heights.

How breathable and adjustable is it?

The bassinet must feel comfortable to the baby; it must be ventilated well. The fabric used sometimes has fine holes to improve breathability; the baby must not feel suffocated. Sometimes, the mattress cover and outer fabric will have a zipper making it easy to disassemble and clean.

Keeping the baby safe

The topmost priority is always safety. Hence, check carefully to see how safe the bassinet is for your baby. Look for bassinets that have been tested to conform to safety standards. Some have rounded corners to make sure the child is not injured. The mattress should maintain balance while being comfortable. Make sure that the fabric is safe and soft enough for your baby's skin.

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