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Music can heal the wounds medicine cannot touch, and the inventor of bassoons had precisely that in mind when he created this musical instrument. Bassoons are a prominent member of the double reed family and play music written in tenor clefs, bass, and treble. Buying a perfect bassoon is nothing short of an expert business that requires a helping hand in every step of the process.

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Bassoons Buying Guide

Bassoons are a type of woodwind instrument known for their agility, distinct tone, variety of character and unique playing techniques. There are so many points to tick in the checklist of a perfect bassoon that even professional bassoonists get baffled. This guide will aid amateurs and professionals in choosing the right bassoon.

How to look for the perfect bassoon reed?

Initially, the bassoons were made of metal, but now they are not only hard to find but also less compatible. Nowadays, high-quality reeds are made of maple, rosewood, or bamboo cane, although bamboo is extensively used for its user satisfaction. It is crucial to make sure that the wood used is lightweight and has the exact diameter, wall thickness, firmness, solidity, durability. 

Mind the string sturdiness

Its bottom part maintains the shape of a bassoon reed. It is vital to ensure that the bottom part is completely sealed and wrapped with a thread so that there are no air gaps. Typically, the bottom part is sealed by a nail varnish, Duco or any other strong lacquer. A more modern heat-shrink tubing technology has also come into play but is not yet widely available. Double-checking for the stability of the bottom part of the reed is safe and advisable.

Check the complexity of the reed.

If the buyer is an amateur player, they should check for the reed's complexity before buying it. Some bassoon reeds are made for more professional use and may turn out to be hard to handle for players who are newly acquainted with bassoons.

Additional factors to check

Some reeds do not come pre-adjusted and can be difficult to fit. If the buyer does not know how to adjust the reeds himself, a pre-adjusted reed is a safer option. Last but not least, fine reeds produce the richest sound with great intonation and response.

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