Top 12 Bat Houses

Believe it or not, bats are essential in facilitating the ecosystem. Like bees, bats are significant because since they help in pollinating plants. Bats are avid hunters; if your house is situated in an area that attracts mosquitos, bats will also be attracted to your site. For them to hunt the pesky mosquitoes, a tiny bat house can be mounted on top of your home.

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Bat Houses Buying Guide

Bat houses are wooden boxes specially designed for bats to live in. Bats are not your usual domestic pet. They can't be raised by humans but can be protected. Bat houses let the bat stay in them and hunt mosquitoes, and also assist in pollination. In this article, a detailed explanation of bat houses is provided, making it easier for the buyer to purchase one.

DIY bat houses or ready-made ones?

Of course ready-made bat houses! Unless you are a carpenter, never try to build them on your own. It's not safe and futile if the measurements are out of order. People tend to fall for online DIY videos to reduce cost, but remember buying one is more straightforward and cost-effective than making one.

Where to place the bat house?

The bat house should be mounted at a higher position. Trees should be avoided, but dead trees can be a good placement for bat houses. Placing the bat houses near wet areas like lakes can attract female bats since female bats prefer laying their nest near water. Putting bat houses doesn't mean they will attract bats immediately. Season, location and predator presence are vital. Bats make sure the bat house is safe before choosing them.

What to avoid in bat houses?

Cats and Bats are natural predators. Bats will never live in a place where it has to experience constant cat attention. Bat houses are not to be placed on trees since they can serve as a centre to attract predators. Bats require sunlight exposure; the bat houses should be mounted in a place that experiences unobstructed sunlight. Avoid applying oil-based paints on bat houses. Water-based paints can be used. Black, grey, green, brown and white are the recommended colours for colouring bat houses

Pros and cons of bat houses

Pest control, pollination and natural fertilisers are the main pros of having a bat house. Bat houses also have their share of cons. Bats are known to carry rabies, a disease that is dangerous for both humans and animals. Their droppings can cause this. Make sure not to let kids and pets near the bat houses. Clean and sanitise your attics and ground regularly.