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The relaxation that comes from taking a long bath after a tiring day is unmatched and bath pearls and flakes are a great way to make your bath all the more relaxing. Bath pearls & flakes are quite similar to bath bombs, but there is one slight difference. While a bath bomb has cleansing agents, pearls and flakes are infused with essential oils and salts that help you calm down and unwind during bath time. So, if a good soak in the tub is on your everyday to-do list, bath pearls and flakes are must-have products.

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Bath Pearls & Flakes Buying Guide

Essential oils are known for their ability to relieve stress and anxiety, which is more common than one would think – and this makes the oils a perfect ingredient in bath pearls. On the other hand, salts used in flakes promote relaxation, soothe achy muscles and joints, and help treat skin conditions. Even if you don’t like taking long baths so much, using bath flakes regularly can improve your health. However, there are a few things buyers must know of before buying bath pearls & flakes.

Do All Bath Flakes Have Magnesium?

Bath flakes are almost the same as bath salts, which makes magnesium a common ingredient in both. Magnesium is a mineral compound that poses many benefits for the body, including stress relief, pain management, promoting healthy sleep patterns, and even aids in health recovery. Having magnesium is what makes bath flakes effective, but while some flakes may have magnesium chloride, some might have magnesium sulphate. However, if you have been even slightly allergic to magnesium in the past, it is best to avoid using them. Similarly, if you suffer from a health condition, consulting a doctor is vital.

Choose a Fragrance

While bath flakes typically do not have any added fragrance, there are many options available for both pearls. The range of scents includes everything from fruits and grasses like lemongrass to flowers like roses, lotus, and lilies. Some even come in all-time favourite fragrances such as lavender, coconut, and vanilla. Besides the scent, buyers can even choose among different shapes, especially if buying bath pearls for children. However, those with sensitive and allergy-prone skin should avoid scented bath pearls as they can cause irritation.

Go with Safe Bath Flakes & Pearls

If you are buying bath flakes, it is better to go with one hundred per cent pure ones as they are both safe and effective. Some brands even offer completely vegan bath flakes, which buyers can buy if preferred. As far as bath pearls are concerned, it is essential to ensure they do not contain any artificial fragrances as those can be harmful to humans, especially children. Moreover, the bath pearls should not contain any parabens and must be SLS-free.

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