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A proper bath set will make the regular bathing ritual something to look up to. They make a perfect gift for any occasion. After all, they are practical and better than dwindling cards or chocolates. It is a way of telling your loved ones that they deserve something as luxurious as a relaxing bathing experience.

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Bathing, though common, is sacred and therapeutic, as it enhances physical energy level and improves mental clarity. A bathing set with all the needed components can adjust the tone of your skin and transform mood.

Moisturising Shower gel

Shower gels are designed to clean your skin and enhance washing in the shower as well. The foam makes skin smooth, while the fragrance will linger around you throughout the day. While going for shower gel, the first thing to consider is pH balance. Poorly balanced pH can result in wrinkles, inflammation, sensitivity and even acne. Avoid sulphate for sensitive skin. A gel with cleansing and moisturising function will take out dirt oil and dullness from the skin and moisturises simultaneously.

Exciting bubble bath

Bubbles make bathing more relaxing and fun to go for. The bigger the bubbles, the better and blissful the experience is. The solution must be at high dilution in water of hardness to produce a foam and hold it for a good duration. Or even multi duty product that can serve as a shower bubble bath and shower gel. For everyday use, go for a hypoallergic bubble bath which will not irritate your skin. A bubble bath with natural oil provides additional nourishment to the skin.

Bath salts for deep cleaning

Baths salts play an important role in maintaining body balance and overall wellness. As bath salts are composed of the minerals and nutrients present in the body, they have the necessary properties that protect, restore and maintain body equilibrium. Crystalline bath salt will not dry your skin out; beware of the sodium chloride that can strip off your skin. Grain size also matters: finer grain salts are very effective when used as skin scrub as they can be dissolved easily. Bathing salts are available as scented salts infused in herbs and mineral oils. However, you always have an option to choose the unscented product.

Luxurious Bath bombs

Bath bombs make a lush bathing accessory. The bath bomb “explodes” as soon as they hit the water.  Colour in the bath bomb enhance the effervescent impact. Some bath bombs are used to soothe aching joints or muscles. They can also be used in the shower as aromatherapy. They are the most affordable component in a bath set. Multi-layered bombs add layers of fizzing colours, sparkles and scent. The constituents should be smooth on the skin do not contain irritating plastic glitter.

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