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There has been a major shift in the storage of audio and video entertainment over the past decade. With heaps of streaming services and internet archives, a substantial amount of media is now available in the virtual space that can be accessed from anywhere in the world. However, the old school method of storing and distributing through physical media is far from dying. In fact, optical disc drives like Blu-ray still garner plenty many admirers. This guide discusses a type of Blu-ray disc, the BD-R, and will help you make informed purchases if you are in pursuit of buying one yourself.

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BD-R Buying Guide

For a while in the recent past, HD-DVD and Blu-ray competed for the most superior HD storage format, and Blu-ray took the place. And with the advent of large flat TV screens offering HD quality visuals and sounds soon afterwards, Blu-ray has been the most preferred and admired format for video streaming at home. The BD-R is the standard and most affordable type of Blu-ray disc.

Why choose Blu-ray?

Blu-ray discs are the perfect solution for experiencing the most intrinsic details in high-resolution videos. Though with the internet, one can easily access media at any time, one cannot always assure quality. Poor network or network fluctuations can easily disrupt the watching experience. However, before the purchase, one must make sure that they have a Blu-ray disc player at hand for operation.

The BD-R or the Blu-ray disc recordable

Blu-ray discs can primarily be classified into two fundamental categories: writable and rewritable. The BD-R stands for Blu-ray disc recordable. It is a writable medium. Thus it can only be written once. Amongst the many types of Blu-ray discs, BD-R is one of the most widely used. A BD-R, in technical terms, refers to direct to disc recording technologies for optical discs, which can be recorded a Blu-ray optical disc with the help of an optical disc recorder. The writing speed varies from individual discs. As the speed rate increases, the price will too.

The storage capacity

Apart from the sheer quality of the media, Blu-ray is known for its large storage capacity. Thus most important feature to look for when buying BD-R is the limit of its storage capacity. The storage capacity for Blu-ray disc recordable is dependent on the number of layers the disc has. 25 GB is the maximum storage capacity of a single layer BD-R while a double-layer disc can go up to 50 GB. Triple-layer discs can even go further up to 100 GB. Quadruple layer discs are also manufactured, which offers an additional 28 GB.

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