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Growing babies require a lot of attention and the correct items for their active development. As a part of a baby's bedding, bed bumpers are typical in almost every baby's crib. Since a baby needs utmost care, it is vital to select the best products based on a range of distinct factors.

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Bed Bumpers Buying Guide

When it comes to using bed bumpers, there are contrasting opinions. Some parents prefer the use of bed bumpers for their babies, while others don't. A bed bumper's primary intent is to create a soft, cushiony barrier around the baby, protecting him/her against bumping into the edges of a crib. The following buying guide aims to offer an all-inclusive view of the factors a parent might need to consider while purchasing bed bumpers for their babies.

Importance of the material

Many bed bumpers are available in cotton with polyester or acrylic paddings. Foam is also a material highly found in bed bumpers. The anti-skid and sturdy-build design of the foam bed bumpers make them convenient to use on open beds. However, because of the numerous safety and suffocation issues surrounding padded bed bumpers, a mesh material gets strongly advised when buying. It has the highest breathability among its other alternatives and can safely protect your baby from bumping against the rails.

Size constraints to check

As a buyer, you need to ensure the bumper's right size fits well with the crib or bed-frame while purchasing. For a bed bumper for baby cribs, the height also needs to be of the correct measurements. A bumper should not be too high as it sometimes leads to unintentional suffocation. Too low bumpers might not serve the actual purpose of buying them. If a baby is an active sleeper, it might be useful to get tall bed bumpers as they can easily roll over the lower ones in open beds. If a baby is a sound sleeper, then foam bumpers are enough to create a protective barrier on open beds.

Convenience is must

One can easily find inflatable bed bumpers in stores, which is highly convenient if you're a frequent traveller. It makes the bed bumper easily portable and convenient to store. It is generally puncture-proof and leak-proof, whose thick and sturdy design is always non-toxic for kids. One can also find foldable bed bumpers that are machine wash-friendly and are free from chemicals. It's evermore beneficial to check for hypoallergenic properties while buying bed bumpers if you don't know about your baby's allergies.

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