Top 12 Bedding, Sand & Substrate for Terrariums

Terrariums are kept by scientists, pet lovers and curious people who love to observe insects, reptiles or amphibians. Unlike other relatively large animals, the aforementioned almost always have to be in an enclosed set-up, should they try to escape. Hence, it is extremely important to provide them with an ideal ecosystem to not only survive but to flourish.

Bedding, Sand & Substrate for Terrariums Buying Guide

Terrariums require some form of bedding in sand, tree-barks or other vegetation. As the fauna one encloses have to stay healthy and cosy, it is necessary to provide terrains only of natural, biodegradable and harmless substances.

Arid or humid?

The quintessential aspect to ponder on before purchasing a substrate for your pet is to check whether it requires an arid or humid atmosphere to thrive. For animals like bearded dragons, leopard geckos, scorpions etc., it is crucial to have a terrarium resembling a desert. Many brands manufacture natural sand to create an arid habitat that conducts heat. The replicated surrounding should ideally stimulate digging and burrowing behaviour. The sand should be suitable to lay eggs on. For animals like amphibians and some reptiles who reside in rainforests or damp atmosphere; barks or mosses can be used to create the habitat. Regular spraying of water helps in retaining moisture in the substrate, resulting in a humid environment.

Specialised substrate

There are substrates available in the market catered to one particular type of species or species groups. Edible bedding for tortoises is one such. It is typically made by blending various dried flowers, shoots and leaves. This botanical mixture is rich in minerals tortoises need and can be included in their diet. The natural aroma it provides also makes it a good bed for the tortoises to snug in. Soft beddings for snakes are another such substrate where they can hatch. The high absorption and drying rates make it a substrate with low maintenance. It is typically made of untreated wood.

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