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Pollination is a vital process that helps nature create a flower mostly aided by wind, insects, or animals. Bee houses could be the best part of one's garden, which are more into planting native flowers. Bee houses suffice for bees, and they are of many types. One should always check out the classification of bees they are willing to take over and then consider the nest.

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Bee Houses Buying Guide

The bee houses usually attract solitary bees instead of the usual honey bees. However, individuals could focus on keeping a swarm of bees that would fit in small tubes or whether they are aggressive or not. This buying guide will help buyers to buy a perfect bee house for their gardens.

Bee House material

The house's material is usually made of wood, though other homes are built with different materials. The places have six to twelve removable nesting trays that individuals can easily clean. These houses are interactive and educational for children as they know what is happening in these small houses. Some house designs attract non-aggressive bees that are generally solitary, and these bees are entirely safe for kids and even pets.

Size and nesting trays of bee houses

The bee houses have only some factors which need to be kept in mind while buying the product. The first factor to be considered is the size of the house. The house must not be too big as this may attract large bees which might be harmful to kids playing around. Secondly, have that house with a minimum of six nesting trays and is even removable for efficient cleaning. Keeping in mind these factors, one will be able to purchase a perfect bee house for their garden.

Types of bee houses

Not all bee houses are meant for every type of bees. Some are meant for bumblebees, some for solitary bees, and some for mason bees. Most of the mentioned bees are safe, and solitary bees do not produce honey. These houses could be made out of cinder, cardboard, drilled, and much more.

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